So, I’m on the hunt for a dog.  Outside of the sheer superadorableness of dogs, I’ve been thinking about why I really want a dog:

  • Anytime you read an article about improving your mood, being happier or anything like that, getting a dog is always on the list. They love, provide companionship and make you play and exercise – all things that help improve your mood.
  • All dogs deserve a good home – even “bad dogs”.  A good home with structure, consistency, love and yummy treats is all a dog needs (kids for that matter too).
  • Dogs, unlike children, don’t talk back, don’t need new clothes every September, don’t bring home bad grades, don’t bring home skanky girlfriends/loser boyfriends, etc. etc etc. and they love you even if you tell them not to do something.
  • It’s good to give.  Good to share your food.  Good to share your home.  Good to give out hugs and kisses with reckless abandon. Humans are hit/miss about receiving these types of things though – they don’t always appreciate or they take advantage.  Dogs are super appreciative.  They appreciate all that you give to them (kisses and yummy treats preferred) and they give love and devotion back in return.
  • All dogs need a good walk everyday and so does my chubby butt.  I figure that if I have a dog, I have to walk it everyday and it lends itself to a win-win situation for both me and a dog: a dog gets a good home and I get my waistline back.

Plus, who doesn’t love a dog!?  Dogs are awesome!  Woof! Woof! Woof!

Can’t wait to find the dog for me!


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