Potty Success!

My little Bailey was house broken when I got him – thank goodness!  The only thing is that I live in a condo and because of some of the other dog owners in the complex and their bad habits (like people leaving poopie gifts in front of people’s garage doors out of sheer laziness – pick up your dogs poop!) we all have to walk out of the complex to bathroom break our dogs.  This isn’t really a problem for the most part because I like to take my little man for walks in the morning and when I get back in from work.  The issue is the late night outing.  It’s a quick outing – peepee in two spots and then back in the house – but the problem with the late night outing is that it’s a late night outing in Los Angeles.  My complex is very quiet and we’ve had few issues, but outside of the complex gets a little shady late in the evenings.

I carry pepper spray and I’m alert so I’m not super worried about the late night outing. It does, however, bother my dad.  He started going out with Bailey and I at night and was unnerved by the number of people wandering around that late at night around our complex and the apartment next door.

So the Pet Loo we purchased!  http://www.thepetloo.com/index.php

But of course, after a $180 purchase, Bailey would just sit on it and look at me with that “Hi Mommy!  When are we going outside so I can pee?” look.  He gave me the same look even after using the peepee enticing drops on the loo. 

I did, however, remember reading about using sod on balconies for dogs to go potty on for apartment/condo dwellers.  I told my dad about this and he thought it was a capital idea and went and bought some sod – a 5 foot by 12 inch piece. We draped it over the loo, sprinkled it with peepee drops and waited for the magic time.

At about 11:15 last night I opened the balcony door and took little Bailey out on the leash to the loo with fingers crossed.

He jumped on top of it.

He sniffed around.

He walked down the side the loo where the grass draped over the side AND PEED ON IT!!!

 I went nuts – “GOOD BOY!  GOOD BOY!  WHO’S A GOOD BOY!?!  GOOD BOY!!!”

 I bet my neighbors thought I was nuts but it was a huge step forward!  Hopefully we will get a repeat performance tonight!


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