You Don’t Know Me!!!

Every so often I get some stranger that feels the need to get all confrontational with me. If I’m in the wrong, its one thing. But, if you call me on something that I didn’t do, it’s best that you get the hell out of my way.

Fooooor example…Today, after a long day of having to take my puppy to the vet because his ear was bothering him and doing four hours at the Vortex of Crazy (aka – work), I took my little man for his evening walk. Mid way thru our walk we crossed the street and this guy from the side of the street that we just came from comes out of his house to check his lawn. Now, my 15 pound dog had already pooped further down the street and I had his poop in a bag in my hand. The dude from across the street sees me with my dog and starts yelling at me:

Nasty Dude (pointing down to some dog poop on his lawn): “You left dog poop!”

Me (holding up my dog’s poop in its bag): “I have my dog’s poop. That’s from some other dog.”

Nasty Dude: “You left some!”

Me (waving bagged dog poop very angry like): “Do I need to come over there and show this too you?”

At this point I go marching across the street – bagged poop now being held directly out in front of me.

Me: “Seriously. Here’s my dog’s poop. Do you really think my dog could poop this (swinging Bailey’s poop bag in the air for crazy emphasis) and all that? Do you really need me to pick that up for you?”

Nasty Dude (walking away from me and my crazy): “No. No. I’ll pick it up.”

Me: “You need to learn to ask questions before you start accusing people of stuff.”

What the hell? Calm down cowboy. Didn’t your mother teach you not to talk to strangers? I mean seriously, I carry pepper spray, had a tough day, and, as Wikipedia says about my A-type personality, I have free floating hostility issues. You don’t know me dude. I will punch you in the kidneys.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josie
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 04:37:14

    lol… it was not a good day for him either, I guess! 😉


  2. Eve
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 13:21:03



  3. Mary
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 17:50:36

    “You don’t know me!” Hahaha!


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