2011 Dishcloth Swap Review

This swap was a onetime swap. You make 5 dishcloths out of the same pattern but in different colors. Once complete, you send them to an address with a SASE by a certain date. In a week and change later – brownchickbrowncow!!! – you receive 5 different dishcloths from 5 different people!


Sounds familiar right? Well it should! It’s the same format as the Potholder Swap I participated in earlier this year. What makes this swap a little different for me was not only the dishcloth vs potholder aspect, but the fact that Eve and I moderated this swap! But even though we were moderators, we totally took part too!

For this swap I wanted to make dishcloths that were colorful but easy to make. After finding a number of different sized tunisian hooks at Walmart for crazy good prices ($2+ each?), I decided to do a combo of the Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth pattern (but with a big hook and fewer cast on stitches) and the 3 Color Tunisian Technique. They were easy-peasy but they you give lots of bang for your buck: Easy stitch pattern, quick, looks more complicated than it really is and uses a minimal amount of each color of yarn.

I really like these! My mom really liked them too! They were the last project she saw me work on before she passed away. I’m really glad she liked them (even the super bright one!).

Here are the dishcloths I got in return. I love them so much! One even came with a coordinated friendship bracelet! Sweeeet!

Not going to lie though, being a moderator ROCKS. It means that you get to PICK your dishcloths. I pretty much got all the ones I wanted. But trust me, I wanted way more than 5 of them! Eve and I did eye some of the same cloths but where I gave up one to her she gave up one to me. We’re both A-types but we know how to play fairly.

Yet again, another fabulous swap experience!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leeanne
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 18:56:58

    Found your blog in Ravelry this morning. Just loved reading your blog and looking at your beautiful creations.
    Honestly if your mum enjoyed your dishcloths I would have kept them and made more for the swap. Too precious.
    Also your “blind date” omg that guy has stalker all over him. Sounds like your instincts were right about being weiry of him.
    I met my hubs over the internet but I was also very causious.


    • cheletopia
      Sep 21, 2011 @ 21:17:19

      Glad you enjoyed!!!
      Yeah…that guy is a hot mess…I’m going to keep pluggin’ along in the dating world though!
      Its okay about the dishcloths – my mom got my first ballband and I shared all of my projects with her. She was just happy and proud that I finally started doing crochet and knitting.


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