Carpet Day?

Recently I’ve been painting painting painting up at the house. Total mad rush to get all the carpeted areas ready for the new fancy carpet my dad and I ordered from Empire Flooring. And after a month and change of painting and postponing it for two weeks, carpet day finally arrived!

(be one with the jazz-hands)

My dad was at the house waiting to handle the carpet folks because we were getting it installed on a weekday and I had to be work. As I’m getting ready to head out of the house to head for the office I heard my phone ring. I figured that it was my dad telling me that the carpet people were there and everything was going great. Not the case.

“Umm, we pulled up some of the carpet and found that there are hardwood floors throughout the carpeted part of the house. You need to get up here.” Apparently decisions needed to be made.

Well, I called my boss, got the okay to be late to work and got my behind up to the house. And wouldn’t you know, finished hardwood floors in all three bedrooms, both hallways and the living room!

No one had any idea all this wood was under the carpet. I mean really, who looks underneath carpet?

Goodbye 50+ year-old carpet!

Not bad for being buried under carpet for 50+ years!

So, after getting over the shock of finding solid wood floors and canceling our very pricey carpet order, we realized that even though the floors were in excellent condition, they still need a little lovin’. My first idea was to just get them cleaned and polished. But being me, I toyed with the idea of having them totally refinished to a darker color. I thought that they would look awesome stained to a dark walnut type color, but time (and a rainy weekend) was against us. Back to the original plan of cleaning and polishing.

My friend Jeffery, being the awesome friend that he is, totally volunteered to undertake this little task. I did some quick product research and asked my buddies over at Home Depot for their recommendations and came up with a plan:

  1. Sweep up 50+ years worth of dirt and dust
  2. Mop with Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap (eucalyptus scent – yummy) to get up remaining dirt and dust
  3. Deep clean with a rented floor buffer and Bona Hardwood Cleaner
  4. Apply coat of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer (which is amazing stuff – I highly recommend!)
  5. Dust floors
  6. Do a “Risky Business” slide in all rooms to marvel at how awesome the first coat of polish came out
  7. Apply second coat of Rejuvenate
  8. Walk around the house constantly staring at the floors and smiling like an idiot

Handsome, right!?

Now, these new found wood floors did two things: 1) freed up some $$$; and 2) left us with baseboards that were only painted down to carpet level.

No! No! Bad baseboards! No!

Luckily item #1 helped us fix item #2 – hire a profession painter! I found Cedric one night at the paint counter at Home Depot while he was helping a client of his and I was getting yet another set of paint samples. Luckily Cedric has great prices, so we hired him not only to replace all of the baseboards (in white which I’m really excited about), but also to paint both bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen (this freed me up to finish the family room with Jeffery and, you know, pack!).

So soon to come – new baseboards! Word.

New Carpet – CHECK(ish)!

Freakin’ free wood floors…can you believe??? Talking about God smiling at ya!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Charlotte
    Nov 19, 2011 @ 22:53:56

    Nothin’ but net!!! Now.. packing! what freaking time tomorrow?


  2. Beas
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 10:12:46

    LOVE the look… Seriously, They’re beautiful! You can’t beat brand new 50 year old hardwood floors!!!


  3. Peter G.
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 11:32:50

    Those floors look terrific! The hardwood appears to be in very good condition, and white baseboards will set it off nicely.

    With your $$$ savings, you can pick up a couple nice area rugs and you should be all set. 🙂


  4. isaida aka mami dearest
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 10:52:39

    The floors look awesome! Who would hide that under carpet! Yay for you!


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