Out of Desperation

Making decisions out of desperation rarely go smoothly and/or the way you want them to go. It’s just how it be.

Case in point: Been painting the house but started running out of time. Decided to use some of the money that we saved from not having to put down carpet to hire a painter to finish up the painting (both bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen) and replace the baseboards. Not a ton of work and should be wellll within the skill set of any given painter because, you know, it’s their job.

Anyway, as mentioned before, I met Cedric at Home Depot one night and got his business card. Out of desperation and because we randomly saw him drive down my street (come to find out he has a worker that lives 4 doors down from my house and he happened to be dropping him off one night), we hired him to wrap up our painting project. Thumbs up.

Well everything is done, but I’m ridiculously underwhelmed. Here’s the low down…

Things that annoyed me:

  • He never had what he needed to get the work done (“ummm, do you have a…”)
  • He borrowed and used up a ton of my supplies: rollers, brushes, towels, buckets, trays and tray liners, etc.
  • Some of my brushes are missing – I’m not saying he stole them, I’m just saying that I can’t find them currently
  • He was constantly text messaging, smoking and chatting instead of working
  • He skipped important steps like, you know, priming some of the walls and window seals
  • On some walls and in the laundry room he skipped second coats by shellacking the first coat on super thick – even my dad noticed how thick the paint was put on some the walls
  • He used a ton of paint (I’m a thin first coat and medium second coat kinda girl)
  • He asked to use a tool of mine – my awesome new giant crowbar – for another job of his


Nothing too horrible, but still annoying as hell. However, this does not conclude my list of issues…

Things that really pissed me off:

  • He was late everyday – not just by ten minutes or so either. We’re talking anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours late (I’m not kidding about the 3 hours either – he was suppose to meet my Dad at the house at 7:30am one day and didn’t show up until 10:45am – Fail.). Although he always called to update us on his ETA, his tardiness started adding up big time and we started running behind schedule really fast.
  • When he first came over to give me an estimate he pointed out that I didn’t do any caulking in the rooms that I painted. He convinced me that it needed to be done and charged me an additional $45 to take care of it. Funny how only half my dining room wood paneling-now-wainscoting was caulked, the baseboards in the den were completely ignored and the new baseboard were hit or miss – some of it was caulked, some of it wasn’t.
  • The new baseboards that were installed were not the ones I picked out (apparently what I wanted was sold out and he just bought what he thought I would like – that’s okay because I told him I really just wanted tall & curvy baseboard). But when they were painted, the paint was rolled on and didn’t have a smooth finish like they should have. They totally should have been sprayed or rolled with a thin nape to avoid the texture that they ended up with.
  • The old baseboards were pulled off and placed in the driveway – and they are still sitting there because he told us after everything was finished that he doesn’t do haul-off.
  • He barely did any cleanup. This includes, but is not limited to, paint cans and supplies that were left all over the house (including a used roller head wrapped in a plastic shopping bag and stuck in a box in the living room), painter’s tape left on the walls, a bucket full of dirty paint water and a bucket with about 2-inches of paint sitting in it.
  • He unplugged the fridge and disconnected the dryer from the vent – and left them like that. My dad just happened to notice this (thank goodness) and reconnected the dryer before I tried to use it and plugged the fridge back up.

He’s a funny guy, the work got done and it looks good-enough (all things considered), but really, what’s with the mediocre work? You are a contractor and you are self-employed – the survival of your business is based on client referrals! How am I suppose to refer you to my family and friends when you do questionable work, leave a mess and you rock a huge tattoo of one girl giving another girl oral sex on your arm? Really? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? ARRRRGHHHH….

Moral of the story…when hiring a contractor, make sure that you’re familiar with their work and it’s probably a good idea if someone you know and trust can vouch for them. Or rock the DIY.

Arrrrrrggggghh…Damn you desperation!!! *shakes fits angrily*


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Butterfly
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 03:06:35

    I think painting jobs are just cursed, it seems that any time paint and rollers get involved, brace yourself. When my parents re-painted the kitchen and entry-way, it was an ordeal that took nearly 3 years (though it looks beautiful now!). So sorry to hear about your ordeal, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


    • cheletopia
      Nov 24, 2011 @ 10:08:48

      3 years!?!? Oh my!!! I had 10 rooms and some hallways to do in two months and everything went a-okay until the contractor got involved! Everything was grand until the contractor got involved – FAIL! Live and learn, right? Totally stronger and ready to handle any other contractors in the future.


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