A Little Bedroom Action

So when choosing new colors for my bedrooms for my “new” digs, I knew that I wanted each room to have its own personality…painting them all the same color was never an option.

Master Bedroom – After 12+ years of living in what felt like a college-shabby-unchic bedroom, I was dead set on having a proper adult bedroom. I wanted this room to be different than all of the other rooms in the house since its going to be my bedroom, my private place, my place to retreat. No loud and crazy colors for this room – calm and serene was the goal. Apparently beige was the answer – more accurately Cappuccino by Martha Stewart Living (in Olympic Premium Interior Paint in eggshell finish):

Not only am I so not a beige girl, I clearly remember talking much shit about people that buy beige cars and wear beige clothes and have beige walls a few weeks before selecting this color. Tons of shit. Figures. I totally have a beige room now and I freakin’ love it! What do “they” say – never say never? Stupid awesome beige walls being awesome despite being beige.

Back Bedroom – Seeing how this will eventually be my guest bedroom, I wanted this room to be gender neutral but also really cool and different. This room has also always been a light color (like light blue then white) so mixing it up a little became the goal. Hellllo Metropolis by Valspar (in Olympic Premium Interior Paint in eggshell finish):

Ohhhhh how I love this color! It’s so different but so cool, especially with my tall white baseboards (which you can’t see – but just trust me…they are tall and white and look awesome against this wall color). The color of this room changes depending on the lighting. It goes from a true dark gray to a very bluish-gray. I’m not going to decorate it too heavily anytime soon, BUT, one day I’m going to make it super modern with bright accents (Tangerine? Lime? White?) to pop off these awesome gray walls. So different. So, so cool.

Front Bedroom – My front bedroom gets more light than any other room in the house and was dubbed “The Sunroom” by my mom. She always felt that this room should be yellow or gold to compliment all of the light that it gets. For me, it was important that this room was bright, fun and inspiring because it’s going to be my craft room. Keeping all of this in mind, I picked out a nice and sunny yellow, Wildflower Honey by Behr (in Olympic Premium Interior Paint in eggshell finish):

Well hello there party girl! You aren’t shy at all, are ya? Nice and bright and ready to inspire awesomeness! Although I totally love the color of this room, the walls in here are a little brighter than they should be. Due to two people with different painting techniques painting this room, the first coat went on terribly uneven. So in the process of making it as even as possible (thanks Charlotte!!!) a good deal of paint had to be put on the wall resulting in super concentrated and fairly bright craft room walls (especially under artificial light). But that’s okay! I loooove it nonetheless!

So there you have it! My bedrooms three!

Seriously, I shouldn’t be so afraid of color.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. isaida aka mami dearest
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 04:52:40

    Wow – great transformation….love the floors! 🙂


  2. Charlotte
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 10:51:58

    Awesomeness! All of them! Thanks for the name drop. Usually only famous peoples names get dropped.. I’m famous now!


  3. Beas
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 16:30:58

    Beautiful!!! Really love the yellow craft room and the floor looks AMAZING!!


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