Clean, Soft and Ring Free (A Challenge Update)

Although I had a really slow start (I got a little over ambitious with my plans/goals and psyched myself out), I’ve been able to complete a couple of my Pinterest inspired projects fueled by my Pinterest/Ravelry Challenge!

LOOK AT ME! Brownchickenbrowncow!!!

Here are a few of my completed projects (FYI – the titles are linked back to Pinterest):

#1 – Tile Coasters
I decided to make these little numbers for a friend of mine that recently bought a house – kind of a {late} housewarming gift. I knew I wanted to make him something and I knew I wanted it to be something that he wouldn’t receive from anyone else – enter tile coasters. I decided to go with a bicycle theme because he’s a huge fan of two wheeled vehicles and bicycles easily fall into that category.


These were easy-peasy but took a little time. Out of personal preference, I let each of the many coats of Mod Podge dry for hours instead of minutes. I also damp-sanded the final coat of Mod Podge with a 350 grit sandpaper sponge before I sprayed the coasters with a few thin coats of Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic (which I totally recommend to make them more water resistant – beware, it smells HORRIBLE going on).

#2 – Reusable Fabric Softener Sheet

Seriously, this couldn’t have been any easier: 1) Find old washcloth; 2) Soak in favorite fabric softener; 3) Let air dry; 4) Use.


Be forewarned, you should really love the scent of your fabric softener because the smell will totally take over your house during steps #2 and #3. As much as I like the smell of the softeners I use, it got crazy sweet smelling in my house for a while. I can’t lie, I had to let the washcloth dry in my guest bathroom with the door closed because the smell was sooooo freakin’ strong. The dog and I just couldn’t take it! Bailey was sneezing, I was sneezing. Hot mess. The intense smell died down once it dried completely, but holy cow it was a serious “Sunny Day” in my house for a while.

Overall feelings?  Static is a major issue with me in general and especially with my laundry. I used this “sheet” in combination with my Mr. Steamie Balls and didn’t get zapped once as I pulled all my sheets and blankets out of the dryer. Some items were also noticeably softer too. If nothing else, my laundry room smelled really good the entire time I was doing laundry – a sunny day in a good way this time.

#3 – Make-up Brush Cleaner

Just in case you don’t know, I love Dr. Bronner’s All-in-One Magic Castile Soap. It’s natural, super effective, rinses super clean and its super gentle. I use it for EVERYTHING. I’ve cleaned walls with it, tubs with it, floors with it and I use the bar formula in the shower as my body soap. It’s clearly The Business. Why I didn’t think to use it to clean my way overdue for a cleaning make-up brushes, I don’t know.

I’ve always been told to clean my brushes with shampoo but it always took forever to get all of the makeup out and then it always took forever to rinse all of the shampoo suds out. The castile soap totally rocked. I swished my main foundation brush in giant bowl of water and a good squirt of the castile soap and then swished it around in a bowl of fresh water. Done. I let it dry over night and it was awesome the next morning. I later went to Whole Foods, got a small bottle of the rose scented castile soap and went to town on the rest of my brushes. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I do have to say this though – using water and castile soap was one of many recipes to clean make-up brushes on this pin/website. One of the other suggestions is to use a water and Woolite mixture. I’ve also used delicate wash soaps like Woolite to clean my brushes and found it to be a very effective cleaning solution. I find that both the castile soap and delicate soap solutions work equally well, but the delicate soap leaves my natural brushes extra soft. I highly suggest either solution though.

There are a number of other projects in the works – involving LOTS OF SPRAY PAINT. Man, do I love me some spray paint!

Have you showed your Pinterest and/or Ravelry accounts who’s bring home the bacon lately? Let me know!!! Post links in the comment section below!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nadia
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 07:48:20

    I use Dr. Bronner’s soaps. Thanks for the tip.


    • cheletopia
      Jan 23, 2012 @ 10:01:58

      I seriously thinks its the best stuff on earth. All of my makeup brushes were soft and super clean this morning. I’m thrilled with the results. Now maybe I’ll clean them more often like I do!!!!


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