Ahhh…As January has come and gone, I feel the need to update ya’ll on my Pinterest/Ravelry Challenge results. I ended up doing a number of smaller type projects and using a ton of spray paint in the process (spray paint = my new addiction – I LOVE YOU Valspar Metallic spray paint! Call me!).

Man, I love me some crafts!

Again…the titles are linked back to Pinterest pins…use and abuse them!

#1 – Retro Clock Bottle Cap Magnets

I’ve been saving up my bottle caps from my ginger brew and root beer bottles for no particular reason for a while now. After staring at my collection at work every day and thinking “Why the hell am I saving these things?” it dawned on me that I’d pinned a project that would make use of at least a few of them. DUH – PINTERST!

Happy days! Retro clock magnets!

These were easy-peasy (I made two sets at one time easy-peasy) and they look super cute on my fridge door. Every time I go into the kitchen they totally make me smile because they are so adorably sweet.

#2 – Faux Metal Kitchen Letters

Booooriiiiiiing before…

Hey there sexy letters! How did you know what I wanted to do!?

Nom nom nom nom nom…

This project had a short supply list and was crazy stupid easy. All you need are your paper-mache letters, spray paint (I opted for the Valspar Metallic Silver spray paint – it has the best sheen after its dry) and command strips. After two costs of spray paint and a couple of hours drying in the sun, I slapped some command strips on these bad boys and attached them to the backsplash. Easy-freakin’-peasy!

#3 – Ghetto Febreze

Who knew 1 cup of water, ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and about 40 drops of eucalyptus essential oil would make the most wonderful Febreze-type spray?

I use it everywhere – on the bed covers, pillows, my lounge chairs and sofa, in the kitchen trash can, my jeans, etc, etc! I even sprayed it on a sweater that had been in the closet for a while before I wore it to church. It just makes everything smell so fresh. Even after the eucalyptus scent wears off everything smells nice and clean. Cheap, easy and no nasty chemical smell that makes me and the puppy sneeze like mad.

Me likes. I will be making this again and again. No question about it. Tea tree essential oil next time? Just throwing that out there….

#4 – Psalms 107:1 Framed Art

So while I was cleaning/rearranging/unpacking my linens, I came across a few empty blue plastic frames. I totally don’t remember my mom buying these or ever seeing them when I was at the house, but who cares?! FREE FRAMES! Seeing how I’m not afraid of spray painting anything, I promptly broke out some sand paper and sanded one of these bad boys down, primed and painted it super awesome shinny silver!

I was on a silver spray painting roll, so just ignore that second frame over there…move along now, move along…

I downloaded and printed up a Psalm 107:1 pdf – Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever. – and bang! Quick, easy and meaningful art. Lovely! I’m a fan.

#5 – Rolled Plastic Shopping Bags

Like everyone else in the US, I have a billion plastic shopping bags in my house. I like to reuse them for trash and project clean up, but I really like having them stashed in my car to keep the crazy to a minimal. I love this easy way to stash them in my door storage area (which is where I dump all of my candy wrappers and whatnot). A roll of about 10 to 12 bags fits quite nicely into a small Ziploc baggie and tucks away into the side storage compartment area. Sweet.

Pathways to a clean car! I just need you to ignore that used wood shipping pallet in the backseat – nothing to see here…

#6 – Roasted Broccoli (and Roasted Fennel)

Holy shit, this was yummy.

I happen to like broccoli; even as a kid I was a fan. For me, this recipe was just another way (a freakin’ super yummy awesome way) to eat one of my favorite veggies. It was so goooooood. I also made the variation that included additional spices and shrimp just because it sounded so good – and it was. Not only was it kickass, it turned a simple head of broccoli into an awesome entrée (which was well timed seeing how I’d just run out of the chicken wings pictured above).

I also roasted some fennel up and immediately developed a crush on it. Even though raw fennel is totally foul to me (sooooo foul), it is unbelievably delicious roasted with a little s&p and olive oil. It was so good I totally forget to take some beauty shoots of it. Just trust me, it looks really good (like caramelized onions) and it taste really good (slightly sweet and very savory). It’s the business!

So there you have it! I’m no longer one of those folks that has a billion pins and a billion boards and nothing to show for it! Granted I didn’t take care of anything on my Ravelry list, but time (and maybe another challenge??) will take care of that!

How the hell did we craft before Pinterest, Ravelry and the internet? Boggles the mind!!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pandorra7
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 10:20:41

    NICE JOB!!!!!! I love, love, love the kitchen letters! They make such a difference.

    I’d say I’ll give you an “A” for craftivity in January. Now hop get on with February – you know we WILL expect to see some results!


    • cheletopia
      Feb 08, 2012 @ 10:37:29

      WOOHOO!!! I got an A! I got an A!

      *doing happy dance*

      I got some goooood stuff in the works for February. Really good stuff. Like, I have stuff drying in my second bathroom as we speak!


  2. Michelle
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 14:15:00

    Oooo. I like those Kitchen letters! And, I think I have to try this Ghetto Febreze… I bet it smells better than the chemically version!


    • cheletopia
      Feb 09, 2012 @ 10:09:57


      You will love the Ghetto Febreze! Its so much better than the store crap. I’m not going to lie though….it was my room spray last night and then my body spray this morning! I needed a shot of something fresh and crisp to get me going this morning.


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