National Craft Month Challenge – Week 1

National Craft Month Challenge Week 1 Get your craftiness on making things for around the house cleaning and body upkeep. Basically, add to ones domestic goddessness or sexy mama status or both.

Seeing how I’m working on keeping a cleaner and greener house and being touchable soft minus creepy ingredients that FREAK MY SKIN OUT, I whipped up three little batches of awesomeness.

DIY Laundry Detergent
Everyone looks at me crazy when they ask me what I did the night prior and I respond, “You know, watched some TV, played with the dog, made some laundry detergent…”

Even though I was a little skeptical about making laundry detergent when Charlotte first mentioned that she was making her own liquid detergent, it ended up being easy peasy, super cheap and super effective. Here’s the recipe I use (a detailed recipe here):

1 bar of Dr. Bronner castile soap (or Fels-Naptha or Kirk’s Castile Soap if you can’t find Dr. Bronner’s)
1 1/2 cups Borax
1 cup baking soda
1 cup washing soda

Grate the bar of soap with the fine holes of your grater (or grate it with your food processor). Combine the grated bar of soap with the Borax, baking soda and washing soda. Booyah! Done! It’s super powerful so I only use two tablespoons of it on an average size load of laundry.

Seeeeee, you thought it was going to be all crazy and complicated and involve child labor!

Oh, and I included the bottle of vinegar in the photo above because that would be my DIY fabric softener. Seriously. Just add it to your rinse cycle – like ½ a cup worth. BOOM – soft and static free laundry.

DIY Glass Cleaner
Man do I hate the smell of commercial glass cleaner. Even the dog hates the smell of commercial glass cleaner. Honestly, the only thing it’s good for is the recycling of the spray bottle when you make your own cleaner.

Here’s what I used (detailed post/recipe here):

½ cup white vinegar
2 teaspoons liquid castile soap
2 cups pure or distilled warm water
3-5 drops tea tree oil (optional and I used eucalyptus essential oil since I used eucalyptus castile soap)

It works soooo well and smells so much better than the creepy blue stuff that was in the spray bottle to begin with.

And apparently my windows are filthy…so filthy…divert thine eyes from my shame!

Yeahhhh, that’s from one window…ewwwwwww

DIY Lotion Bars
Dry skin beware!!! Lotion bars are here!

“But it looks like a bar of soap, Michele. I don’t get it.”

I know right! It looks like soap but its lotion. A BAR OF LOTION! It’s so awesome! A little rub-rub and ohhhhh yeeeaaaaahhhhh moisturized skin. I made mine with a half a pound of beeswax, a cup of grapeseed oil and a cup of coconut oil – all things awesome for your skin. Not beeswax, Crisco, and veggie oil. I’m sure it nice and all, but I just feel like if I rub Crisco and veggie oil on my skin and go outside I’m going to be very crispy in a very short time. Hello skin cancer. Yeah, no. Crisco…really?

Anyway, here’s a good site that gives two different lotion bar recipes and all the directions. (Her blog is pretty awesome too – she’s hilarious!)

Ohhh…the amounts that I used made way more than the two bars pictured. I made those two, two smaller bars and one GIANT bar that I’m going to melt down and make into smaller bars at a later date.

Week one of national craft month – SWOSH! – in the basket.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 04:00:26

    Last summer my friends and I got together to make soap. No more store-bought soap for me! I love it!
    I love the sounds of that window cleaner… I may need to make myself some…


  2. charlotteslifetranslations
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 11:24:17

    Who’s the over achiever this week? You are!


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