National Craft Month Challenge – Week 2

National Craft Month Challenge Week 2 Some sort of sticky goo must be used in some aspect of this week’s project. Mod Podge, a hot glue gun, Elmer’s craft glue, Scotch Glue Stic…whatev…glue something to something else.

Well…I had two ideas that I was fairly married to for this week’s challenge: 1) change out the insides of a wall clock that had stopped working and then decoupage it with some cool scrapbooking paper; and 2) make new coasters out of this super cool orange and gray paper that I luuuuuuuv.

Good plan, right?

Well, clearly some plans are just doooooomed from the start.

Seriously, I didn’t even get to break out the mod podge for the clock.

Can we say EPIC FAIL?

Something told me to check and make sure I could actually replace the clock insides myself first (with no directions supplied by the clock gut manufacturer – thanks guys!). Well, apparently not. This project literally went to shit in under 5 minutes.

Is this going to fit through that hole?

Oh. How is this going to hang on the wall with that going on?

Is this piece from the broken insides or the new insides? Crap.

This piece is square? I wonder if I can force this round thing on it…that should make it fit better, right? It will help it with the tick-tocking and stuff.

What? What is this for? Where did this piece even come from?

It was sad really. So sad.

Well, in your face stupid clock! I’m going to stash everything into a Ziploc bag and put it somewhere out of site to be worked on at a later date. No need to be constantly reminded of my fail!


The coasters came out nice though!

Simple, sweet and awesome.

There’s a billlllion tutorials on how to make these online – especially on Pinterest. I did a couple of extra steps to help lessen the “brush strokes” from using a foam brush, but I still follow the basic/universal directions (like the ones found here and here). If anyone wants to know about my super secret polishing steps, let me know and I will do a tutorial. (It’s really not super secret – I got the idea from some of the directions on the side of the Mod Podge bottle.)

Stupid clock…


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 05:19:01

    I love those coasters! I’m a big coaster making fan myself, though my finishing technique involves an epoxy resin so it’s heat and water resistant. It is time consuming, but worth it!


    • cheletopia
      Mar 13, 2012 @ 10:04:00

      Whoa there chica! Epoxy resin? Interest officially piqued. Talk crafty to me! Do you have a tutorial on this?!?!
      (I thought I was being fancy breakin’ out the steel wool!)


  2. pandorra7
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 08:18:24

    Nice coasters! Had planned to do some myself this weekend but that didn’t happen. Not enough time in a weekend!!!!

    Did you try to look up the workings of the clock online? EVERYTHING can be found on the internet. And if you read it on the internet then you know it’s true. So there you have it. LOL


  3. secondsandthirds
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 10:26:35

    LOVE these coasters. I want a set por favor!!!! :))))))) I’ll be waiting not so patiently. 😉


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