You’ve Got That WIP Appeal

With the 198 Yards of Heaven and the Sunflower Dishcloth coming off the needles recently (woot! woot!), I decided to start some new stuff!

New stuff! New stuff!

Piper’s Journey (Project Name: Piper’s Journey)

Mindless garter stitch knitting at the moment, totally making it great TV knitting. Slow moving though. Sometimes I feel that it’s not growing at all no matter how much I work on it! (I love my sheets…hehehehe) Goal Finish Date: July 26th

LaLa’s Simple Shawl (Project Name: Colorway 10)

Okay. I can’t say enough positive things about the pattern and the yarn for this project. As far as the pattern goes, there’s just enough change to keep things interesting but easy enough to work on while watching TV (mostly Burn Notice Season 5 in this case). A little bit of garter, a little bit of stockinette, a tiny bit of lace. It moves along quite nicely.

The yarn is amazing – it’s Chirimen by Noro (colorway #10 – hence the project name). Although I find most Noro to be crunchy as hell, this stuff has a really nice feel to it. It’s listed as a DK weight yarn, which the majority of it is, but it definitely gets very thick in spots and randomly very thin in others. To say that this yarn goes from sock weight to bulky in places wouldn’t be that far off. Nonetheless, I love it. The thick and thinness of it, along with the beautiful color striping just makes this an absolute joy to work with. Love, love, love this project. Goal Finish Date: July 7th

Learn to Knit Magic Loop Socks (Project Name: It’s Like Magic Y’all!)

OMG, I love me some magic loop! I’m so glad that I found this tutorial and got to knitting on these socks. The combination of VeryPink’s instructions and videos and the little booklet called The Magic Loop by Bev Galeskas that I found at one of my local yarn stores (Twist Yarns of Intrigue) made working in the round on one long needle make so much sense (and its faster – bonus!). I no longer fear the time it use to take to work up socks and sleeves. So happy to have this new skill under my belt and eventually a new pair of wintery socks to boot! Goal Finish Date: July 12th

The usually players are still hibernating:

Basic Ribbed Socks (Project Name: Sokkies)

Basic Granny Square (Project Name: Granny McArnwine)

Sunny Spread (Project Name: Avocadoness)

Op Top (Project Name: Chapeau Bleu)

Modern Garden Cardigan (Project Name: Garden Party)

With Stashdash 2012 in the works and the Ravellenic 2012 games coming up next month I will be working on my Op To and Modern Garden Cardigan quite diligently and that should totally help with getting my long list of WIPs somewhat under control!


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