Moving Along…Slowly

Ughhhh…this Op Top hat is taking forever…

I mean it’s cool lookin’ and all, but holy shit, it is slow going. I was really hoping that I would wrap this little hat up by FRIDAY, but ugh, I’m stilling strannnnnding along. Granted, watching the Olympics while clapping like a drunken seal and crying does not help with knitting speed. But with that said, I found that when I switched from my Addi-Turbo needles to my Knit Picks nickel plated needles (to magic-loop the top of the hat) everything sped up. Those Addi needles were totally slowing me down even though the packaging said they are suppose to be turbo…TURBO. Not only are they not turbo they are blunt as shit. I was misinformed…lied to…deceived. I’m crushed.

Wipes lone tear from cheek


Okay! Moving on! Spinning!

I haven’t made a ton of spinning progress, but it is moving along. Pretty right?

I really, REALLY like spinning. I’m getting faster and more comfortable with my spindling and I’m looking forward to finishing off this batch of roving so that I can ply it up (new skill – eeeeeeeee!).

I just have to say – JAMAICAAAA! Woot woot!!! I mean seriously! They own the 100m race. I really need to get my hands on some of those Jamaican yams because clearly they put your ass in gear (you know, that and natural talent and years of training. Details.) 😉


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  1. Ruth
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 01:43:44

    Oh man what a hoot your blog post has been reading it. The hat looks great, I’m sorry it’s going soooo slow, some projects just seem to suck time into them with what feels like not much progress….perhaps chuck those non turbo needles away lol. Spinning is looking great, not that I know the first thing about it but I do love seeing others accomplish it. Jamaica totally rock the 100, I wonder why anyone was in any doubt, I’ve been cheering and clapping on everyone really.


  2. Keri
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 10:36:06

    I feel the same way about Addi’s. Talk about false advertising!!!!


  3. Minding My Own Stitches
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 12:01:05

    I love the look of your hat! Slow going maybe, but it’s going to be totally amazing! Amazing what a difference sharp-sharp needles can make, huh? I purposely chose my sharpest Addi Lace needles for my Ravellenic project. Can’t even fathom people who like bamboo needles – talk about blunt as shit 🙂


    • cheletopia
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 16:30:43

      I’ve heard about the awesomeness of the Addi Lace needles (the HiyaHiya Sharps are suppose to be awesome too). Jealous!!!
      Its funny, I’m faster on my bamboo needles than the needles I used for this hat!!!

      And yes, bamboo needles can be bluuuuuuunt (I still love them!)


  4. DeliaKnits
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 13:28:11

    hat looks great, keep at it. You’ll be done before you know it!


  5. cleancup
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 13:45:58

    I prefer HiyaHiyas over the regular Addis, specifically because of the bluntness factor. The Addi Laces are pointier, but they’re also almost sticky… which is good if I’m working with actual lace-weight, but for socks and hats, I’m not a fan.

    The roving you’ve got on your spindle looks really lovely. Good luck plying– you planning a two or three ply?


    • cheletopia
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 16:45:53

      I’ve heard about the HiyaHiyas and how they rock. Sticky? That’s odd but like you said probably good when you are working with lace weight yarn (cuz that stuff is thiiiiinnnnn and slippery).

      As far as my fiber is concerned I think I’m going to twp-ply it. Its thick enough to leave as a single and get a decent worsted weight single ply out of it, but I feel a self imposed pressure to ply it. 😉 We’ll see what happens!


  6. Ptinutz
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 15:51:35

    I can add the addi turbo was turbo when they get out. The choice was smaller and they were quickest than the other. Now, maybe not anymore, but the lace are really better, I found too.

    I like you hat, how do you knit it one yarn in each hand, a little helper on your finger or you change the yarn each time?


    • cheletopia
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 16:51:25

      If I ever wo(man) up and actually try and knit with my lace weight yarn I think I will try out the Addi Lace needles. I am curious about the HiyaHiyas though!

      Thanks! I strand by holding one yarn in each hand. Because I can knit both ways I figured that that would be the fastest way. I wonder about that now!


  7. mary
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 22:11:25

    thanks for the needle discussion..I am just beginning to invest in needles and personal opinions are important and helpful to me..all I know is that I have a really hard time with bamboo..the rest are hand me downs and I don’t know the brand..


    • cheletopia
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 22:55:42

      I highly recommend the Knit Picks nickel plated interchangeable set. Its a good price (not cheap but not too crazy) and they are really good needles. I really enjoy them and they help with the speed of my knitting.

      I will say this – my mom, who always harped on me about spending too much money on everything, totally thought my Knit Picks interchangeable set was an awesome and smart purchase. 🙂


  8. babygreens
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 13:17:52

    LOVING your Olympic commentary! I love the hat pattern too, hope you can get happy with your needles and get back on form with it 🙂


  9. Underground Crafter
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 05:57:43

    The hat looks great so far! The needles sound like a drag, literally.


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  11. Opal @ Playing with Fiber
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 13:05:38

    That hat is gorgeous! I recently knitted a stranded hat, and while I loved how it turned out, I was thrilled when I finally finished it. The last part seemed to drag by. I love the Knit Picks interchangeable needle set, I’ve had mine for about a month.

    I’ve been eying the Addi’s Lace needles when I purchase a second set of interchangeables, and for fixed needles I’ll be purchasing the Signature needles set.


    • cheletopia
      Aug 08, 2012 @ 13:21:30

      Thanks! Yeah, these last few rounds are dragging along – which is funny considering they are the shortest rounds – decreasetopia!

      Ohhhhhh, let me know how you like your Signatures! I’m super curious about those!


  12. Opal @ Playing with Fiber
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 17:52:14

    I test drove Signature circular needles at my local yarn store. I must say they’re amazing (and well they should be for the amount of money you pay just for one needle!) I love them.

    I definitely won’t abandon my Knit Picks needles though, I love them. Knit Picks customer service is awesome. About a month ago, when my Options set arrived, I had one slightly bent size 4 needle. I called customer service, five days later I received a replacement package. I received 2 instead of 1. 🙂 My Options purchase was my first time ordering from KP. I’d researched and read so many great things about the needles/customer service that I finally caved and spent money on needles. Before I’d been purchasing Boye and Bates from the local craft store; never again.

    I still haven’t purchased yarn from Knit Picks, but I will… 😉

    I forgot to mention I like your spinning. It’s something I plan to learn later this year. Once I do learn, I can get all the wool I want from a friend of a friend. He’s been telling me to learn already so he can give me some wool.


    • cheletopia
      Aug 10, 2012 @ 12:08:08

      Ohhhh Signatures…I so want to try those out along with the HiyaHiyas!

      You have to try the Knit Picks yarns. I have yet to meet one that I didn’t love and the prices are awesome. The fiber for my spinning project was also from Knit Picks – their Wool of the Andes roving. Nice and pretty stuff.

      Ohhhhhh you have a friend that wants to GIVE you wool?!?!?! Honey you need to go buy a spindle or a wheel and get to spinning. Fiber is so much fun!!!


  13. Laura
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 03:37:10

    Might be slow going, but it looks so cool! Worth the effort, definitely 🙂 And I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose crafting has been scuppered by the Olympics. It’s just not possible to watch and craft half the time!!

    I have Knit Picks Novas which I totally adore – I like bamboo needles, and I have some symfonies, but the novas are definitely my favourites. It’s amazing how much difference it makes!


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  15. misty
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 17:52:18

    still loving that hat, even though you have been sucked into the knitting vortex. you just know you are going to be knitting on this puppy when your great grandkids are hauling you off to the glue factory. I have a blanket that feels that way.

    I also have knitpick needles that I love.


    • cheletopia
      Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:41:43

      Thanks….yeah, I thought I never finish that thing. Total blackhole of knitting up until the last 8 or 9 rows!

      Have you seen the new Knit Picks wood set…I’m in love and may have to buy them!!!


  16. Suzy
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 09:34:08

    I must admit, I’ve thought the same thing about the Addies. Don’t get it. I can spend half to a third as much on a set of HiyaHiyas and knit the heck out of stuff… I got sucked in by the hype but I quickly went back to what I know and love.


  17. Sandra Licher
    Aug 10, 2012 @ 17:00:22

    Oh, but it IS a gorgeous hat! As for needles, I have Hiya’s (cheaper than Addi’s) and mine have unscrewed on me in the middle of a project! AHHHHH!!!! I about went into cardiac arrest! Have yours ever done that? I was able to hold my breath and not move and got it all back on properly but OMG it took 10 years off my life! I think I should get a medal for that! Is that what happens when you buy the less expensive brand? Now, I spend all my time stopping and checking to ensure they’re not unscrewing on me.
    And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one going ape over the Olympics….in the store today people looked at me weird when I said I was glued to the t.v. and just came out to grab a few things and get back home. I mean really folks…..once every 4 years and these athletes put their lives, their family’s lives and work their butts off for 4 years on the slim chance that they might get on the podium! It’s so inspiring it brings tears to my eyes….every Olympics that comes along I pray I will live long enough to see the next one! LOL!
    Spinning….so cool! I want to do that too. I thought you had to have a wheel and it’s just recently that I heard about the spindle thingy! I’m excited now especially since I now know someone who’s doing it and a darn good job I might add! Go team….all of them! TTYL!


  18. Emma
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 14:45:50

    The Op Top hat looks gorgeous, I bet it’ll be great when finished!


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