June & July 2012 Goals Results Show

There’s a lot to cover since I’m combining my goal results from June and July so let’s get started!

Crafty Goals

  • Finish 198 Yards of Heaven Shawl – Done! Read about it here
  • Start and finish Piper’s Journey Shawl – 50% Done
    You can see my progress

  • Finish my LaLa’s Simple Shawl – Done! Read about it here
  • Work thru Magic Loop Socks Tutorial (by VeryPink) – Done! Read about it here
  • Start Leaves of Grass Shawl/Pi-Shawl – Done! Read about it here
  • Start Kaya Cropped Raglan Shrug – Done! Read about it here
  • Post weekly updates for Year of Projects challenge – Done! Read about it here & here & here & here
  • Make and post Ravellenics Plans (by July 20th) – Done! Read about it here
  • Participate in the 2012 Ravellenics (Go Team Mine!!!!!) – Done! Read about it here
    Working on some spinning, my Op Top hat and some dishcloths. I was going to work on finishing up my Modern Garden Cardigan for the Ravellenics but it just takes too much thought with charts and whatnot to working on while cheering and crying over the Olympics.

  • Finish spa cloths for Annual Dishcloth Swap – Epic Fail
    Haven’t even started a new set since Eve squashed my original idea. Sadness L First thing on my list to take care of after I wrap up with the Ravellenics!
  • Stash cotton yarn and Vanna’s Choice on Ravelry – Epic Fail
    Decided just to stash new/incoming yarn and fiber. I may come back to this one day but we’ll have to see about that.

  • Take pictures of Modern Garden Cardigan & Op Top and post to Ravelry – Done! Read about it here & here
  • Dye 16oz of Fisherman’s Wool with Kool-Aid – Done! Read about it

Reading Goals

  • Finish Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James and start the second book of the series – Done!
    I’m still working on the second book…with very mixed feelings.

  • Start Catching Fire (Book #2 in The Hunger Games Trilogy) by S. Collins – Postponed…
    For some unknown reason I want to finish the Fifty Shades of Grey series before I get back to the Hunger Games books. No clue why. None. I’m sure that after finishing Fifty I will be aching for some good writing, solid characters and easy reading. For the love of Bob…

House and Yard Goals

  • Green up the backyard – Done(ish)!
    My Dad and I really tried to green up the backyard. There was watering, weed & feeding and even reseeding. Some grass grew, the weeds flourished and then everything else just turned brown and died no matter what we tried. Lame. We’ve kinda given up on what’s back there and decided it will be best to just dig it up and replant. My uncle said he would help with the official killing and tilling and of the “grass” sometime soon. I’m thinking about planting Kentucky Bluegrass so I can have a pretty greenish-blue lawn that’s apparently deer resistant. Cause, you know, we have deer issues in urban Los Angeles (LOL!).
  • Start planting and arranging potted plants on patio – Done!
    I’ve planted a ton of plants between the patio and along the sides of the house lately. Some are doing better than others (such an understatement…my Cone Flower is UNHAPPY) so I’m moving things around still trying to find the right placement/sunlight/shade/water/etc. Pictures to come once things get more finalized and stop trying to die on me.

  • Buy doormats (for both front and side door) – Done!
  • Continue planting plants in the front flowerbeds – Done! Read about it here
  • Buy new bedspread/comforter – Postponed!
    Toooooooo hot to even be thinking about buying a comforter…I’m currently sleeping on top of my covers as it is! Will cross this bridge as we approach Fall.

  • Fire gardener and start taking care of the front yard – Done!
    Make no mistake, I didn’t do this because I like cutting the lawn and weeding and whatnot. Not. A. Fan. to be quite honest. But, I was given a brand new lawnmower as a thank you gift from a friend for painting their garage so I don’t have an excuse for not using it. And, I’ve found that instead of weeding I can squirt weeds with Round-Up and ignore them. My kind of “weeding”!!! Totally saving something like $40 a month. Plus my gardener’s son wears wayyyyy to much cologne when he comes to deliver bills/collect payments. Ugh…I can smell him for a solid 15 minutes after he leaves my house…Blah.


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