August 2012 Goals

Goooooooaaaaaaaaaals! Okay, so I have a short list this month all the way around because I want to concentrate on working on a few things rather than be spread all over the place.

Crafty Goals (7)

  • Finish Piper’s Journey
  • Work on Kaya Shrug
  • Work on Something Blue Shawl
  • Announce Put it in the Bag Sewing Challenge
  • Spin 4 ounces of fiber
  • Make 5 dishcloths for the 2012 Dishcloth Swap
  • Participate in the second week of the Ravellenic Games
  • Stay on top of YOP postings

Reading Goals (1)

  • Freakin’ finish 50 Shades of Gray: Darker

See! Short!!!

Yes, I noticed that I don’t have any house goals this month. Fact of the matter is that there are a number of things that my dad and I want to get done to the house ASAP but they depend on other people’s schedule and $$$. Therefore that stuff will happen when it happens. Just know that it is happening – and soon!


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