Pattern: Oveja by Ana Luisa Galvan (my project: Pecora)
Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company Touring DK
Colorway: Sanibel Stoop
Fiber: 100% Merino Wool
Hook: US K (6.5mm)
Dates: December 19, 2013 to January 5, 2014
Skill Level: Easy-peasy (chain stitch, double crochet, & double crochet increase/decrease)

Notes: Love this simple shawl! The body of the shawl was super straight forward – lots of double crochet that made for great TV crochet. The border took a little more attention but was well worth it. So nice!!!

This came out really pretty despite the two hanks of yarn not being exactly the same. As I noted in my Ravelry notes, if you look at my blocking photo you can see that the corner of the shawl on the right is more solid, saturated and with less lighter flecks than the left portion of the shawl. I’m assuming this is the life you live when you buy from smaller indie yarn dyers and you don’t check that the skeins came from the same batch. Luckily you can’t see it when its around my neck, so it doesn’t drive me crazy!

But make no mistake – this yarn was delicious to work with. The color is divine and its super cozy without being heavy so I will be rockin’ this shawl a lot. Also, this shawl didn’t need to be soaked and wet blocked at all. I simply pinned it down to the dimension that I wanted (focusing mostly on pinning out the points on the border) and steamed it good. Real goooood. Worked perfectly.

My only complaint about this project is the actual write up of the pattern. It wasn’t as clear as I’m usually accustomed to and I had to guess what the designer meant and fake/guess my way through multiple sections of the pattern. I did, however, like the hand drawn section of the pattern because it did a good job at showing what the designer meant to say but didn’t.

This is an EpicKALCAL project! 🙂


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