I Got My Nails Did

So for those that don’t know, I kinda have a thing for nail polish. I have over 100 bottles of nail polish, I keep my toes painted all the time and I keep my fingernails polished about half of the time. I don’t like doing my pedicures simply because my feet are sooooo far away – or at least that’s the way it feels when I try and paint them. So I usually hit the nail salon every two to three weeks to get my feets did.

Lately, I’ve been getting a mani and pedi when I go just because it’s nice to be pampered and things have been crazy stressful for me lately (hence all the quiet on my site – sorry about that). The salon that I go to is usually really good. Most of the folks that work there do at least a decent job. I can say that I’m usually totally happy with my pedicures (probably because my eyesight isn’t great and my toes are far away) and I’m usually okay with my manicures. I do however take my own stuff with me simply because I have a pretty good arsenal of products that work well with me and give me the results that I desire.


However, I got the most awful manicure of all time this past weekend. I ended up with a guy that I’d never had before and he was horrible. He called me picky to my face when I showed him the nail shape that I wanted, when I insisted on using the color I picked out for my hands and when I told him I just wanted a minimal cuticle trim. He threw my hands around and glared at me the whole time.

The actual manicure looked and was awful. First of all, the layers of nail polish were so thick that when he put on my fast drying top coat on (Seche Vite) the polish literally ripple on multiples nails. It would have probably rippled on all of the nails had he actually covered all of my nails with top coat. I wish the photo showed how some nails literally where only half covered with top coat (you can actually see how shitty it’s done on the thumb nail). He just slapped it on every which way. Let’s not even start talking about how chewed up he left my cuticles.  ANGRY.

Look! How is this an acceptable way to send a client out of the door? SO JANKY.

After I left the salon and looked at the mani in the sunlight (and after I asked the random gas station attendant if it looked as janky as I thought – which she did), I went back to the salon and had them redo the painting of my nails. When he first sat down at the table to fix my mani he was like “did you mess it up?” “No, its just a bad job.” I responded. Jerk. He proceeded to be very rough with me and tried to make me feel like I had messed up my nails (“No! No! I’ll carry all of your stuff!” Like that was the problem.).

He did a decent job the second time around but he manhandled me like mad and still gave me a below average mani (my poor cuticles…thumbnail still looks like shit too). At this point I just wanted out.

Not only did I speak the manager about all of this, I didn’t tip this guy either time. He did a shitty job, was rude and I’m not going to reward either one of those things.

This is why my mom never got a manicure in a nail salon. She knew that if you patiently do your nails at home you’ll do a better job. Tru dat mama. Tru dat.


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  1. iggystar71
    May 23, 2014 @ 05:24:50

    Being a fellow nail polish enthusiast I am utterly offended by this manicure. First, the way you were treated was abhorrent. I HATE receiving poor treatment for paid services. Second, I’ve seen manicures that you’ve done on IG that look 100% better than this. I’ve done manicures half asleep, going to bed with barely dried nails to wake up with sheet marks that look better than this. It’s a piss poor job that my ghetto nail salon in the strip mall wouldn’t let someone walk out with. Next time if you want pampering, get a mini-massage or go somewhere else. The nerve!


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