So much! So much!

I’m not a yarn snob. I like all sorts of yarn – I’m more of an equal opportunity yarn user. Red Heart, Malabrigo, Vanna’s Choice, MadTosh…and don’t even get me started on my favorite indie dyers. I love them all! But in cleaning/organizing my craft room recently, I came across an unusual amount of Caron Simply Soft. At first it wasn’t that bad.

I sat down one night and weighted/measured and stashed it all in my Ravelry account.

But then a few partial skeins/balls/cakes materialized.

Then some baby balls appeared.

Thennnnnnn all yarnie hell broke loose.

Whyyyyyy do I have so much Caron Simply Soft (and a few skeins of discontinued Rhapsody which is very similar to CSS)??? WHAT. THE. HELL. It’s like I own stock in the company!

Not going to lie, I love the stuff! Is it full on acrylic? Yup. Is it terribly soft and super versatile? Yooooou betcha! Because it’s so soft and a good weight (depending on who you ask: dk/worsted/aran) I really like using it for baby blankets and beanies. Even though I’m probably going to make a couple of blankets out of this stuff, I’m definitely going to work up some charity beanies. It’s nice and soft and gentle enough for the sensitive scalps of chemo patients and many charities list CSS as an acceptable yarn for donations. I’ve decided on sending some to both Knots of Love and Halos for Hope.

But while I eek out a beanie here and a beanie there, I will just stash it along with my other acrylic yarn…

Acrylic yarn and puppy butt. There you go.



Retail Therapy Works!

So I’ve been a little depressed lately. Mostly first world and relationship sadness that I won’t bore you with the details about, but sad nonetheless.

To combat said sadness, I bought this to lift my spirits…

But then I went here…

Annnnnd to ULTA and shit went a little crazy…

Did all of this nail polish purchasing make me feel better? Yes! Retail therapy is very effective… and apparently quite tasty.

From L to R – Tart Deco (Essie), Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs (OPI), Oui (Orly), Vampsterdam (OPI), Miss Conduct (Orly), Every Month is Oktoberfest (OPI) and Yodel Me on My Cell (OPI).

Stripes and More Stripes

Finally! Some progress!!!  46 inches of progress!!!

Been knitting away at my Noro Striped Scarf (my project: Abstract Spectrum) and finally making some headway!

I know that a ton of people have commented about how boring it is to knit because its miles and miles of knit one purl one knit one purl one knit one purl one but I don’t mind it too much. Its football and basketball season so I can sit and watch a game and mindlessly knit on it.

However, this thing is eating up some yarn something serious. Naively (apparently), I only bought two skeins of yarn to make this scarf – one each of Abstract and Spectrum (Red Heart Boutique Treasure) – and started knitting. And knitting and knitting and knitting. Then one day I was reading on the KAL board and I noticed that someone bought four skeins of yarn. FOUR? Say whaaaaa?

I looked down at my two skeins and said to myself…”Shit. I’m not going to have enough yarn to make this as long as I want.”

But then I thought “Ohhhh, I get to buy yarn. Word.” Off to the craft store!

I’m about 46 inches in and still working on with my original skeins. Hopefully I will only have to use a little bit of the second set of skeins and have more than enough to maybe make a matching hat using the Turn a Square beanie pattern. THAT WILL BE CUTE RIGHT!!! You know, for the three days out of the year I will be able to wear them as a set. Cuz really, it was in the high 80’s today and it’s NOVEMBER.

Speaking of keeping warm and toasty, I’m also working on a quilt!

So how happenin’ is my quilt top? I used a Kona Cotton Solids fabric jelly roll called Silent Film (Robert Kaufman Fabrics) from Material Girl Chic on Etsy and this video tutorial to make this bad boy. SUPER FAST AWESOMENESS!!! Like four hours maybe? I still have the backing, binding and the actually quilting to take care of, but whoa! A quilt top! SUPER PLEASED.

But, as much as I love the quilt top, I love the look on Bailey’s face even more – “WHAT?!” Heeheehee…he cracks me up.

One last thing…not a project but a purchase. A sexy purchase! Heeeeheheheehehehe…

I finally bought my second set of Knit Picks interchangeable circulars – HARMONY STYLE! These babies FINALLY went on sale and I immediately bought them. They are so gorgeous and so nice and I want to cast on something new so I can get to using them. And don’t think I didn’t consider doing just that (almost cast on the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief to be exact). But, alas, I showed some self control and kept on knitting on my striped scarf.

Look at me! Self control!…….Oh look! Chocolate chip shortbread cookies!

Tote Lovin’

Whaaaaaaa!!! Final bag of the Put it in the Bag Challenge is in the books!!!

So love this bag. So Love! It’s sturdy and roomy and I love the colors!

Look at the inside!!!

Both the exterior and lining for this bag are cut from upholstery fabric. Very expensive, even with a coupon, expensive upholstery fabric.  But I have to admit that I have a fair amount left of both pieces of fabric (because upholstery fabric is very wide) and this stuff makes for a great bag.

I got this pattern from Brett Bara’s Sewing in a Straight Line.  The pattern was very clear and easy to follow (I know that I say that a lot, but I only like to working from well written patterns – I don’t like wasting time trying to figure out what a author/designer meant to say).  The only modification I made was to the straps.  I didn’t like the way the interior material looked as straps so I just continued to use the exterior material without any trim as straps and I think it came out great.

Although I think the bag is pretty classy and done really well, Bailey isn’t impressed.  That’s okay though, I’m really happy with this bag and the other bags I made for this challenge (here and here). 

I hope everyone enjoyed this challenge and has some great bags to show for it!

National Craft Month Challenge – Week 3

National Craft Month Challenge Week 3 Break out the yarn and break out the fabric! Yarn – knit it, crochet it, wrap it, knot it, whatever. Not into yarn? Maybe fabric is your thing – cut it, sew it, glue it, braid it, whatever. It’s a fiberific good time this week!

I forgot how much I love to sew.

Notions make me all tingly!

Focusing! Okay – a couple of weeks ago I made this sweet little rice heating pad just to test run my new sewing machine (you can read about all of that crazy here).

Well, apparently these things multiple when you’re not looking.

And then they make little ones too!

Ohhh, I’ll admit it – these things are just addictive as hell to make! Over two nights I made 2 full size heating pads and 3 little eye pads. Easy-peasy sewing with super cute and useful results. And used they will be! Between my Aunt Terri, Uncle Phil, Charlotte and myself, we have headaches/migraines, back pain and more than our fair share of aches and pains. So a gifting they will go (minus one of those sweet little eye pads…in my nightstand it will live)!

Like my first diy heating pad, these are also filled with jasmine rice. Each large pad contains 3lbs of rice and the small pads used around 2 lbs total (maybe 2lbs, maybe less). None of these, however, are scented with any essential oil or any other fragrance. Two reasons for this: 1) the scent really didn’t last past the first or second heating in the microwave; and 2) when using these for headaches/migraine scents aren’t exactly what you’re looking for (a great point made by Charlotte). And to be perfectly honest, jasmine rice has a wonderful natural scent. It smells both sweet and earthy and it’s absolutely fabulous as is.

There are a number of tutorials online about how to make these. My favorite tutorial comes from Bevcooks. She does a great hand sewing version of these little numbers on her site (I did mine on my machine and added some topstitching). But, regardless of how you decide to sew them up, her tutorial is an awesome step-by-step place to start to get your own diy rice heating pad addiction flowing.

As with anything, having a cute assistant totally helps with the creative/crafting process.

My Guy – A Beauty Shot

Like I could ever resist this face…

My sweeeet little man


Good Find at the Goodwill

First things first, I’m not above shopping at the Goodwill – not at all. A good portion of my clothing and the majority of my books came from the Goodwill as a child and well into my teenage years. And really, you can get some great deals on some really awesome items there.

Secondly, I love my little fur man and he’s totally sweet and adorable, but his love for my couch makes me crazy. He complete destroyed one of the back cushions (had 7, then I was randomly down to 6), chewed on both armrest and all of the sitting cushions have sizeable holes in them. Hot, hot mess.

So, originally I was planning to reupholster my well chewed couch over the summer. I’m skilled with a sewing machine and making pillows and such isn’t difficult for me. But, honestly, I wasn’t at all jazzed about tackling this project – not only would it be costly, even in pieces, it would totally interrupt my knitting and crocheting plans.

Enter the Goodwill. After buying some new (and much needed) Adidas on a Saturday afternoon, I wondered over to the nearby Goodwill. I was looking for a party dress and some jeans when I wander over to the furniture/home items area…Wouldn’t you know it, there sat a lovely olive colored couch. While taking a look at it I thought to myself “This is nice. I hope it’s under $300.” Then I saw the price and almost fell over. I called a sales person over to make sure that what I was seeing was correct – “Excuse me! Excuse me! Is this price correct?” We looked and looked for the second backup price tag and eventually verified the price. I called my dad and told him about my sweet find, paid for it and did a dance of ridiculous happiness!

How much did I pay for this little find you ask? Wait for it…waaaaaaaaaaittttt…$49.99.


I ended up getting a cute black party dress, a lightweight Old Navy jacket and a freakin’ couch all for under $70.00.


So, without further ado, I introduce to you, Sofia, my new sofa!!!!

Isn’t God good?  =D

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