Day 4: 30 Day Music Challenge


A Song That Makes Me Sad – A Londonderry Air/Danny Boy lyrics by Fredric Weatherly

According to Wikipedia, A Londonderry Air originated in Ireland and is the victory anthem of Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games. Who knew?

Danny Boy, the lyrics commonly sung with this tune, were written separately (I guess…detaaaaails).

First of all, it’s the actual tune that gets me. The first time I remember hearing this tune was as the music being played over the closing credits/highlights of the 1992 DCI Tournament (the same year that Santa Clara Vanguard did Fiddler on the Roof – which also makes me cry, but because it’s awesome). That particular arrangement, without the words, just brings me to tears everytime. It is just so damn sad of a tune. Freakin’ heartbreaking.

Then to add the Danny Boy lyrics to it – goodness:

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide…


Thanks for making me cry Ireland!


Day 3: 30 Day Music Challenge

A Song That Makes Me Happy – Believe In Yourself by Lena Horn (from The Wiz)

If you haven’t seen The Wiz you are totally missing out. Take The Wizard of Oz and add the 70’s, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor, Mabel King, Lena Horn, Nipsey Russell and the great Quincy Jones and – BAM! – you have The Wiz. It was made in the 70’s and everyone is rockin’ sweet afros. It’s AWESOME! The soundtrack is one of my all time favorites.

Lena Horn is Glinda the good witch. She only appears for this one song and she freakin’ kills it. It is so moving and so mindblowing. Every time I watch it I start crying from sheer happiness. Love this song!!!

Day 2: 30 Day Music Challenge

My Least Favorite Song – Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison

I know, I know…everyone loves this song. Not I my friends! This is the first song I can remember actively disliking. It just drags on like no one’s business. Musically it’s the most boring song ever. So bland. It drives me crazy. I can’t change the radio station fast enough when this song comes on. Blah. Thanks Pretty Woman movie/Julia Roberts/Richard Gere cult following. Could they have played this song any more in 1900/1991? Ugh.

Today’s topic was a difficult one because I don’t concentrate on songs/music I don’t like. I’m all about the good stuff, you know? There’s always been bands and types of music I’ve never particularly cared for, but I try not to think about the bad stuff. But boy do I know them when I hear them – and for the love of Bob, I randomly always know all of the words to them. Pretty womannnnnn walking down the street…Pretty womannnnn the kind I like to meet…blahhhhh…

Please note! Freakin’ I Only Want to be with You by Hootie and the Blowfish drives me nuts too…..I only want to be with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…arrrrgggghhhhh…

Day 1: 30 Day Music Challenge

My Favorite Song – Dear Prudence by The Beatles

Doing the Facebook 30 Day Music Challenge! Today’s topic is easy-peasy. Favorite song.

Seriously, what’s not to love about the White Album? Blackbird is on there. Rocky Raccoon is on there. Mother Nature Son. Strawberry Fields. Savoy Truffle. Fab songs all the way around. But something about Dear Prudence has always pulled me to it. I love the music, I love singing it – there’s just something about it. I wish I could give some great profound reasoning, but I got nothing. I just know I love it.

My Pop Life

Yup. That’s right. I’m at the 100.3 The Sound offices with a GIANT $1000 check with my name on it.

Back on May 13th, I took the day off work to hang out with VW and I was walking thru my house when I heard my radio say “…Michele A****** of Torrance…” I was like, “Hey, I’m Michele A****** of Torrance. HOLLLLY CRAP I GOTTA CALL IN!!!!” (FYI….if you’re a Soundboard Member and they thank you over the air at either 9am, 2pm or 5pm and you call in within 10 minutes…BAM $1000!). After calling the station FOUR times I finally got thru – to LARRY FREAKIN’ MORGAN – and verified my information. And wouldn’t you know it, I won $1000!!! THEN! THEN! He told me I won tickets to see Stevie Nicks!! WoooooHoooo – GOLD DUST WOMAN IS MY JAM (Well did she make you cry? Make you breakdown? Shatter your illusions of love?)!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! I KNEW I LOVED THE SOUND!!!

So I took a long lunch a couple of weeks later and drove down to the offices thinking I would take a picture with the giant check, collect my check and then head on back to work. Whatev! Such a much better story than that!

First of all, when did I sign up for this bullpoop?

Is their gas laced with gold? Crack? Chocolate? It better have something goin’ on because you must think I’m DRUNK AS HELL if I’m going to pay almost $5 a gallon for gas. DRUNK. AS. HELL. I have a 13.8 gallon gas tank. That’s like $60!!! Do I look high? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Then, after collecting my check I realized that there were FOOD TRUCKS in front of the building that houses The Sound. FOOOOOOOD TRUCKS!!! Hamburgers, fry bread, cupcakes, etc….Some of these trucks even take credit and debit cards (of course they do! no one carries cash here!).

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get until I saw the Street Kitchen menu. Can we say Jerk Chicken Tacos? Two please. Thanks.

Then…well lookie here! It’s LACMA.

Can’t just not visit LACMA when it’s right there, right? Let’s just cross the street and take a few pics…

*turns around* Hello there Variety Building!

I finally made my way back to work (while eating tacos at red lights), got thru the rest of the work day, fed and walked the puppy and made my way up to the Wiltern to see Stevie Nicks with Carina.

Stevie was great! Admittedly I’m not a superfan or anything, but I do like her and Fleetwood Mac. And, even though the Wiltern is a HORRIBLE venue (standing for 2 hours is not fun – hello taller people standing in front of me while I’m wearing flats! can’t see thru you!), Stevie was wonderful. She sounded like she did when she was recording back in the 70’s and 80’s. I also love how all her costume changes consisted of her changing shawls! So 70’s! It was great!

I gotta admit too, seeing her in concert turned me on to a couple of songs of hers I’ve never heard of before….Sorcerer and a song I didn’t catch the title of and I couldn’t figure it out by the titles listed on Amazon from her or Fleetwood Mac…Something about saving my life in the chorus??? Help me out here people.

But wait! There’s more! I was walking my dog Friday afternoon when I got a text from my friend Brian:

Prince – tomorrow night (Saturday) – 1 ticket with your name on it. It’s on me – Merry Christmas 😉 Can you make it – just let me know asap – xxoo Brian.

So, yes, the day after seeing Stevie Nicks, I got invited to see PRINCE. He was still in town for a couple of days on his 21 Nite Stand Tour and my friend Bri had 4 tickets. IT WAS AWESOME!!! That man can put on a show! And can you believe, Mary J Blige and Maceo Parker were the special guests that night? We walked in as Mary was singing No More Drama (WHICH I LOVE). It was AMAZING. Prince is still amazingly at the top of his game. The man was killing it with Pop Life, 1999, Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain, Cream, Hollywood (Inglewood) Swingin’ – all the old jams! I especially loved it when he was doing a Jackson 5 song and midway thru the song he says, “Hold up, this is my joint!” and danced off to jam on his guitar. The man obviously still loves what he’s doing and he loves his fans. He puts on a hell of a show. It was easily the best concert I’ve ever attended.

Pop life…Everybody needs a thrill…Pop life…We’ve all got a space to fill…