Word Up

So I kinda love my Kindle…

When I first bought it, I didn’t take it out of the box for about a month. I would look at the box, go to touch it and then shy away. I finally told my friend that encouraged me to buy it that I wasn’t using it (due to it being in the box and all) and he pretty much called me a nut job. But once I opened that boxed and charged that bad boy up…

It was love at first book.

So sleek, so easy to read and so naked! Sooooo naked!

Enter fancy Kindle skin (and his buddy Book List)!

Here’s a clean view of the front…

And the back…

Cool, right!?!? (Just in case you can’t place the painting, its Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.)

Although this change totally sexed up my Kindle, it still left it a little unprotected. All I could see in my head was me walking and reading with my Kindle (which I’m known to do – A LOT) and tripping over a water hose (which I’ve also done) AND DROPPING MY KINDLE (which, so far, I’ve managed not to do). But have you seen the prices of protective covers for these things?! Ridiculous!

Enter a Pinterest search and a DIY Kindle cover tutorial!

Adorable, right?!

Check out the inside!


But wait! There’s more! Check out the extra storage pocket!

I’m so in love with this thing I can barely see straight. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

The majority of this cover was patterned after the Whipstitch Fabrics’ Kindle Cover Tutorial that I found on Pinterest (of freakin’ course). I added the pockets on the left – a feature I saw while looking thru pictures of other DIY’d kindle/nook/tablet covers. I figured they would be a nice place to store Kindle/Amazon/Starbucks/Panera gift cards and booklists (alwayssss thinking…).

Oh and by the way, this little project cost me under $5 dollars. I used some sew-in fleece that I bought on accident a few months ago. I already had the interfacing, cream lining material and thread in my sewing stash. The only thing I purchased was the elastic and the rippled (main) fabric. This project doesn’t take a lot of material and you could make one out of two fat quarters easily.

It’s also very quick to put together. I worked on cutting everything out and interfacing all the pieces over a course of a couple of nights. After that it was super fast – I put the whole thing together in one evening (an hour or two – I’m slow and I had some self created issues to work thru too).

Although I have no real reason to make another one for myself, I totally plan to make at least two more. One more for me and one for a friend of mine. Annnnnd maybe a couple of more for me…you know, so when I change books I can change holders. Variety is the spice of life right???


36 Things for Year 36

So in an attempt to grow more as a person and get out of my own little mind, I made a list of 36 things to do in my 36th year of life. This took some serious thought people. They had to be doable items, improve me as a person and help me meet new people and do more fun things in life.

The following list was much the group effort. My friend Tiffany and I kicked off writing the list over dinner for my birthday at The Counter. We (we meaning me) dragged our server Gabe into the madness, as well as the couple sitting to the right of us, Alice and Josh. I then posted the idea and the partial list on Ravelry’s Miscellaneous Group discussion page where I received a number of really wonderful suggestions from people across the country and even a few gals from Europe (THANKS LADIES) and added the best of the best to my list.

Soooo, with no further ado, here’s my list of 36 Things for Year 36:

  1. Be less bossy/controlling (stop snickering!!!)
  2. Be less judgmental
  3. Be more comfortable in my own skin
  4. Be more kind at work
  5. Conquer a fear
  6. Date men that have positive/healthy relationships with their family
  7. Do a fair isle knitting project
  8. Do a knitting project that requires steeking
  9. Do the 30 day music challenge on my blog
  10. Donate to at least three charities
  11. Drink more booze – better booze (go wine tasting a lot!)
  12. Eat less red meat
  13. Eat more dark chocolate
  14. Fix my crazy teeth
  15. Flirt only with men I find attractive
  16. Go meat free for a month
  17. Go natural (this is a black girl hair thing – no more relaxer!)
  18. Go to a city I’ve never been to – outside of California
  19. Go to church more
  20. Go to the HOLLYWOOD sign
  21. Grow something
  22. Knit for charity
  23. Learn a new language
  24. Learn to deal Texas Hold Em’
  25. Learn to make mole
  26. Less swearing (hellllo potty mouth)
  27. Memorize a poem
  28. More blogging
  29. Organize my closet
  30. Relax in general
  31. Start each day with a prayer or positive affirmation
  32. Stash down!!! Stash down!!!
  33. Take a doubledecker bus ride
  34. Take dance lesson (Tap? Tango? Pole?)
  35. Take singing lessons
  36. Volunteer

Thanks and lots of hugs to Tiffany (below) for being down with my brand of crazy and helping me kick-off my list and to the Ravelry girls for their great suggestions that helped complete my list.

Slowly moving into this century…

In three months time I’ve gotten a laptop, internet service, streamed from Netflix and started a blog.

LOOK AT ME!  I’m in 2011!

Hi.  I’m Michele and welcome to MY blog.