Or at least I should be. This year I’ve committed myself to participating in The Knit Girlll’s 2014 Stashdash. For those that don’t know, a stashdash is when you have knitting/crochet/spinning/weaving goals that you meet using yarn (or fiber) from your stash exclusively. It’s a great opportunity to work thru some stash, make room for new stash and to get around to using all of those “myyyyy prrrrrrrecious” yarns that have being sitting around in ziploc bags that you’re afraid to use.

Sounds fun and easy right? It is!

HOWEVER, this year’s goal is to get thru 5K (5,468 yards) of yarn. Yup, that’s five thousand four hundred and sixty eight yards of yarn. A shit-ton. Oh, did I mention that you only have just over 2 months to get thru this shit-ton of yarn (May 23rd to August 7th)? Yeahhhhh, a shit-ton of yarn in a short period of time.

Of course this appeals to me in every way and I have to participate.

Since I’m not the fastest knitter and I like to nap, I figured that I need a plan.

Step One:  Over think the shit out of what to make. What do I really want to make? What can I make with reasonable speed? What pattern/yarn combinations do I really want to make happen now or save for later? What Wolle’s Yarn Creation Color Changing Cotton colorway do I want to use? Should I throw in a few more cowls? What about getting my dishcloths for the summer swap out of the way? Blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc…

Enter an Excel spreadsheet:


Why yes, it is color coded. Why do you ask?

Anyway, am I absolutely, positively married to all of these items? No. This is just a rough plan that helps me see everything that I would like to accomplish and how any changes I decide to make can effect the bottom line. It also gives me a reason to build a spreadsheet, which always makes me happy.

Step Two:  Break out the WIPS. My first completion was a beanie (Barley by TinCanKnits – my project: Chestnuts & Barley) that was 85% complete when the stashdash started giving me 148 yards right off the back. My Yellow Dwarf Shawl should be coming off the needles (sooner rather than later) and giving me over 500 yards towards my overall total.

Now is also the time to wrap up those high yardage WIPS that are lurking in the closet. For me this means breaking out my Sunny Spread and Granny Square afghans for completion. I’m guesstimating them coming in around 1,000 yards each, but its highly possible that one or both them will use much more than that. Wootie woot!!!

Step Three:  Have a fast, high yardage project in the mix. I’m not one of those knitters that can make a lace weight shawl in 7 days. I mean, theoretically, I coooooould but I would have to take a full week break from work and do nothing but knit (no sleeping or eating). So since that ain’t going to happen, I decided to put some easy, but awesome yardage in the mix: I’m going to make the Garter Squish afghan by Stephen West. I’ve been wanting to make that afghan since the pattern was first published!  Miles and miles and miles of garter stitch knitting and it uses worsted weight yarn that’s held double throughout. Ohhhhhh yeah. I logged it into my Excel chart as using 1,000 yards but it should really come in around 2,000 to 3,000+ yards.

I think this is a solid plan. If I can just stay true to my plan I should able to make this stashdash my yarnie beeeeyatch.