Beanie Bender

You know what you do when you realize you have a shit-ton of Caron Simple Soft? You make beanies for charity – that’s what you do!

Okay, so while my mountain of Simply Soft was begging to be reduced, I was also inspired by my friends Eve and Jill to do some charity knitting/crochet this year. Like Eve, I knit up some beanies for Knots of Love (organization website here) for cancer/chemo patients using two of their patterns: Basic Slouch from their Young Adult Line (beanie on the far left) and Madeline’s Cap (brown and blue beanies on the right).

But then I found a foundation called Knit with Love (organization website here). Well, actually they liked one of my beanies on Instagram and I checked out their website. I saw that they took beanies and other knitted items in all sizes and all types of yarn – which I liked. But what I really liked about them is that they give to people that simply need help staying warm: chemo patients, victims of natural disasters, the homeless, etc. I like that – I like that a lot. So they got three beanies too: (top) Perfect Crocheted Beanie, (bottom right) Textured Unisex Hat, and (bottom left) Better Late Than Never Beanie.

I really like how all of these beanies came out. I will definitely be using these patterns again and again…well except for the Textured Unisex Hat pattern. That pattern calls for lots of front posts stitches and I’m really slow with that stitch. It took me forevah to make that hat up. And if it’s going to take me forever to make a beanie, I better be knitting it damnit.


Evil Stepmother

Pattern: Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure of Bohoknits (my project: Evil Stepmother)
Yarn: Knit Picks Imagination
Colorway: Evil Stepmother (discontinued colorway)
Fiber Content: 50% Merino Wool, 25% Superfine Alpaca and 25% Nylon
Needles: US 2 circular needles
Dates: January 14 to September 15, 2013
Skills: Knit, purl and decreases (k2tog)

Notes: You don’t need a whole bunch of knitting skills to make this hat happen, but what you do need is a ton of endurance. This hat is a marathon. It’s literally miles and miles and miles and miles of stockinette in the round. Miles. Be prepared to knit on this thing wherever you go, while watching all of your favorite tv shows and in your sleep. It really didn’t take me 8 months to make this hat – I put it down for quite a while – but it did take a long minute. The ribbing took longer than the body of the hat…miles of 2×2 ribbing.

The point of this pattern is to use a skein of sock yarn that you can’t bear to put on your feet as socks. I love the feel of this yarn, super soft and super cozy, but it’s a wool/alpaca/nylon blend. A blend that might be a tad too warm as socks in normal Los Angeles weather, even in the winter. But the colorway is super yummy, so a beanie it became.

After some nasty hot weather I can’t wait for it to cool down (not get cold, just cool down a tad – let’s not get crazy). A little hat weather is always welcomed after a string of 80 to 90 degree back-to-back days. Blah.

Me in my new beanie.

I look shady as shit. Shifty eyes. I would keep an eye on me.

Leaves Long Beanie

Pattern: Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa LaBarre (my project: Leaves Long)
Yarn: Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish)
Colorway: Turquoise(ish0
Needles: US 5 & 7 circular needles
Dates: May 16 to July 5, 2013
Skills: Basic knit & purl, decreases, increases (yarnovers), and following a lace chart

Notes: Ughhhhhh, this hat tooooook forevah. The pattern was great but the combination of lace and this yarn and me was a horrible decision. Horrible. The yarn was splity and horrible when it came to doing decreases and fixing any mistakes. It was not fun to work on at all, so it took FOREVER. BUT, it came out really cute. The color is great, it’s washable and I think it’s going to look great on my friend Rachelle!

Cute, right? I really like the way this hat came out in the end. If I ever make it again, I’ll probably use something like Cascade 220 or Wool of the Andes and on smaller needles because it came out a little slouchier than I expected.

Oh, this pattern came out of a book called Weekend Hats: 25 knitted caps, berets, cloches, and more. Great book! There are a ton of great patterns and tips and techniques notes. If you are a hat knitter, this book is for you. Buy it and go nuts.

I Pinch!

Pattern: Pinch Hat (3 versions) by Cecily Glowik MacDonald (my project: I Pinch!)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky
Colorway: Blue Heirloom
Needles: US 9 (KnitPick circular)
Dates: May 8, 2013 to May 16, 2013
Skills: Basic knitting skills plus increasing stitches and garter seaming

Notes: This hat is knit flat with bulky yarn on medium sized needles. Can you say easy-peasy with awesomesauce results?

And you know I can’t pass up an opportunity to smack a button on a beanie. Booooyaaaahhh!

Because this beanie was knit flat and all in garter it’s a great beginner project.

Miles and miles of garter – but on US 9 with bulky yarn, you almost don’t even notice!

I have to admit that what I really took away from this project (other than an adorable beanie) is how to do a garter seaming. Let me tell you, it was unbelievably easy and fiercely rewarding. I think I was nervous about doing it because you hear sweater knitters bitching and moaning about seaming. But once I saw the instructions and started doing it – love, love, love. Love.

You can never have enough beanies. Make it. Wear it. Look cute in it.

This is a EpicKALCAL project!

Sorry for the long-time-no-post issue lately. Things have been crazy. Someone tried to break into my house, major dental work, crying at work, blah, blah, blah… Lame. The summer is coming and I’m determined to get my shit together and get back on a crafty/blogging track! I will say this, I’m working on an awwwwesome pair of socks right now and I’m almost finished making a giant tote bag from old jeans that made me feel fat (call me fat and see what happens – I’ll cut you!!!).

Taste Like Candy

Pattern: Candy: Stripes and Sprinkles by Tori Gurbisz (my project: Taste Like Candy)
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted
Colorway: Déjà Vu and Uva
Needles: US 7
Dates: April 30, 2013 to May 14, 2013
Skills: Basic knitting skills plus increasing stitches, picking up stitches, 1×1 ribbing and making buttonholes

Notes: Love this hat! This hat is knitted flat either with stripes or a brioche-ish type pattern. I loooooooove the Déjà Vu colorway as it is, so instead of striping it with another color I striped it against its self (just knit from both ends of the cake). This made for a cool look and it kept the colors from pooling up. And let me just say, the flat construction of this hat is awesome because it allowed for a WORKING BUTTONBAND!

EEEEEEEE! BUTTONS!!!! And orange buttons to boot. I opted for these bright babies because there’s a little pop of orange in the main colorway and the buttons just help it stand out a little bit more. I love them and it doesn’t hurt that my Dad helped me pick them out too!

I want to make this hat again because I want to do the sprinkle/brioche type stitch with another hank of Malabrigo Worsted (in Charrua) that I have that I think would benefit greatly from the stitch and look ADORABLE in this pattern.

So if you’re looking for a fast, cute and different type beanie this is for you. And seriously, can you have too many cute as a button beanies?

Oh, and check out Tori Gurbisz’s Ravelry designer page. I have a couple of her patterns and they all have a little creative twist. I like her stuff a ton and can’t wait to work up some of her other patterns – especially Ovate and Sweet Shoppe Shawlette. Check her out!

This is a Epic Kal/Cal project!
 (I thought this was on my YOP list but apparentllllly, no.)


Pattern: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson (my project: Mallard)
Yarn: Red Heart With Love
Colorway: Mallard
Needles: US 9 & US 10 ½ – 16 inch circulars and 40 inch circular for crown
Dates: April 20 to 27, 2013

Notes: Although this is the 4th time I’ve made this hat (first, second, and third versions), I still loved making it. Its fast, super cute and my go to gift hat pattern. This one is for my friend Rachelle who wanted a beanie for chilly mornings when walking her dog (is does get chilly in Los Angeles!).

Red Heart yarn…..I know, I know. You should know by now, I’m so not a yarn snob. I like it all! This stuff is actually really soft (and machine washable & dryable – which was key). It was the teal color that got me! The color is rich and beautiful and I think it will look great on my friend.

If you’ve never done cables this is a great beginner’s project. It’s a simple cable pattern and the cables are on a bed of stockinette (instead of purls). Just knit, knit, knit, cable, knit knit knit knit knit knit, cable, etc.

This is a Epic KALCAL project!

Whirlie Swirlie

Pattern: Give it a Whirl Hat by Adrienne Lash (my project: Whirlie Swirlie)

Yarn: Bernat Mosaic

Colorway: Fantasy

Hook: US J (Boye)

Dates: December 25, 2012 to January 11, 2013

Skills: Chaining, single crochet in the back loop, decreases and increases

Notes: Love the construction of this hat. Basically you crochet a parallelogram, fold it up, stitch up the sides and gather the top. Easy-peasy

Not only is it easy, it shows off long color repeat yarn beautifully.

My only problem with this hat is the fit. It just doesn’t look cute on me no matter how much I try. However, I think it will be adorable on my cousin Tiana. I may give it to her if she likes it or just keep it for super cold days because it is nice and warm and covers the ears nicely.

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