Word Up

So I kinda love my Kindle…

When I first bought it, I didn’t take it out of the box for about a month. I would look at the box, go to touch it and then shy away. I finally told my friend that encouraged me to buy it that I wasn’t using it (due to it being in the box and all) and he pretty much called me a nut job. But once I opened that boxed and charged that bad boy up…

It was love at first book.

So sleek, so easy to read and so naked! Sooooo naked!

Enter fancy Kindle skin (and his buddy Book List)!

Here’s a clean view of the front…

And the back…

Cool, right!?!? (Just in case you can’t place the painting, its Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.)

Although this change totally sexed up my Kindle, it still left it a little unprotected. All I could see in my head was me walking and reading with my Kindle (which I’m known to do – A LOT) and tripping over a water hose (which I’ve also done) AND DROPPING MY KINDLE (which, so far, I’ve managed not to do). But have you seen the prices of protective covers for these things?! Ridiculous!

Enter a Pinterest search and a DIY Kindle cover tutorial!

Adorable, right?!

Check out the inside!


But wait! There’s more! Check out the extra storage pocket!

I’m so in love with this thing I can barely see straight. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

The majority of this cover was patterned after the Whipstitch Fabrics’ Kindle Cover Tutorial that I found on Pinterest (of freakin’ course). I added the pockets on the left – a feature I saw while looking thru pictures of other DIY’d kindle/nook/tablet covers. I figured they would be a nice place to store Kindle/Amazon/Starbucks/Panera gift cards and booklists (alwayssss thinking…).

Oh and by the way, this little project cost me under $5 dollars. I used some sew-in fleece that I bought on accident a few months ago. I already had the interfacing, cream lining material and thread in my sewing stash. The only thing I purchased was the elastic and the rippled (main) fabric. This project doesn’t take a lot of material and you could make one out of two fat quarters easily.

It’s also very quick to put together. I worked on cutting everything out and interfacing all the pieces over a course of a couple of nights. After that it was super fast – I put the whole thing together in one evening (an hour or two – I’m slow and I had some self created issues to work thru too).

Although I have no real reason to make another one for myself, I totally plan to make at least two more. One more for me and one for a friend of mine. Annnnnd maybe a couple of more for me…you know, so when I change books I can change holders. Variety is the spice of life right???


All Zipped Up

Hey there adorable little cosmetic bag. Aren’t you just super cute!

Yup! Bag #1 for the Put it in the Bag Sewing Challenge is in the bag (ughhhh, horrible horrible pun)! I found the tutorial for this bag on Pinterest (of course) and it took just a few hours to make.

Don’t you just love that colorful pop of rainbow awesomeness on the inside?

Its a nice size too – room for lots of stuffage!

Unlike the tutorial, I put tabs on both sides of the zipper for ease of use and I didn’t cover the lining fabric with vinyl (used medium weight fusible interfacing instead). I also used a 22 inch zipper and sized it down during the construction of the bag to avoid having to sew around the zipper head (you can move the head around so you don’t have to sew near it…you just have to make sure not to cut the zipper head off with your excess zipper tape when you trim it down – which I almost did, just sayin’…).

By the way, there was also a prototype bag…booyahhh!

Looks cute and I totally love it, but if you get toooooo close you can see where I had a few issues (i.e. seams not lining up) and I made a couple of questionable decisions too (i.e. black thread against orange and white butterfly fabric…really? REALLY? really.)

I so plan to make this bag a million more times. The tutorial was great and it makes a great gift!

A Slap in the Face – A Challenge

Takes off a dueling glove and slaps you in the face with it…

*smack smack*

I guess I should tell you about this challenge before I start slapping you around.

*smack smack smack*

Sorry, I can’t help myself! Virtual dueling gloves!

Anyway, my friend Eve and I are very competitive. We once tried to out-Catholic each other and I’m not even Catholic! (She totally won – not only is she actually Catholic, she’s been to the Vatican…I seriously thought that my set of rosary beads from Ireland were pretty Catholic but you really can’t out-Catholic Vatican City). We’d been talking about making our own project bags and pinning various tote/cosmetic/drawstring bags on our Pinterest boards for a while now, but not actually doing anything about it. So while sitting around procrastinating one day I came up with the Put it in the Bag Sewing Challenge and put it to Eve:

  • Challenge Dates: September 1 – 30, 2012
  • This will be a three bag challenge.
  • This is a sewing challenge. The body of the bags have to be sewn – not knitted or crocheted.
  • Categories:
    • Tote Bag – This bag should be able to hold at least three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn easily and have at least one handle (the handles can be handmade or store bought). Having a closure is optional for this bag.
    • Drawstring – This bag should have a drawstring closure and be able to hold at least one ball of sock yarn and a set of 6 inch dpns easily.
    • Zippered – This bag should have a zipper as its main closure. It can be any size – coin purse to beach tote.
  • At least one bag has to be fully lined.
  • This is a three bag challenge. Any one bag can overlap any of the three categories but it can only count for one category. For example, a bag can be a tote bag and have a zipper closure but it can only fulfill one challenge category – tote or zippered – but not both.

I knew Eve wouldn’t be able to resist a good challenge and she couldn’t. She swore at me, accepted the challenge and then virtually slapped me in the face with her dueling glove.

Do you sew? Do you want to join us? You should! J Eve and I would love to have you!

Please drop me a line letting me know you want to play along!


What is that you say? Will there be prizes? Hells yeah! The best prize of all: Bragging Rights. An opportunity to respond with “Oh, I made this!” and a coy smile when someone tells you how cute your bag is! Or, if you’re like me, you can say “BOOOOYAHHHH!  In yo’ face!  I maaaaade this! WHAT UP NOW?!” while doing the running man and holding the bag inches from their face.


National Craft Month Challenge – Week 4

National Craft Month Challenge Week 4 Craft something that will live on your drywall, laft & plaster, brick, stone…whatev. The final project must end up on yo’ wall!

Let me be honest – I’m well aware that I’m super late with getting this post up. Not only did these projects take me forever to finish, I suffer from wallplacementcommitmentphobia: “This is cute…I’ll put it here…..or should I put it here…no, no, no…..over here…what about that wall…ohhh, how about in this room instead…” It really is a problem.

But, alas, I did get most of my items complete and up on the walls!!!

Laundry Room Lettering & Clothes Pin Starburst
My laundry room needs a tooooooon of help…new screen door, new dryer, door frame paint touch-ups and mass crazy amounts of organization. Despite the awesome wall color, Aqueduct by Sherwin Williams (SW 6758) in Valspar Signature, it needs some lovin’.

How about a little wall lettering to get us going in the right direction, oui?

And, yes, I have a laundry line that runs across my laundry room…it’s bomb! I use it all the time.

I was inspired by this pin but felt that white letters would be way more awesomer against my already awesome aqua walls and would match my washer and one day match a new white dryer. One day, a bright, shiny and new white dryer…it’s going to be so nice…

Okay, back to my current laundry room décor! These were easy-peasy to spray paint and hang with Command Strips – just like the letters in my kitchen. Although easy to put up on the wall, it was beee-yatch having to wait for a nonwindy/nonrainy day to paint these babies. I actually sprayed on the last coat of paint during a brief sunny break inbetween storms – A BRIEF BREAK.

I almost spray painted these little numbers during that same break but decided that these sweeties will go up unpainted (gasp!) in my laundry room also (thanks to Trista for reinforcing that idea!).

Adorable aren’t they? I love them (and the original inspiration pin). Not only are they tres cute and tres cheap (maybe $5 total), they were stupid easy to make. Here’s a detailed tutorial: 1) Buy 100 clothe pins and two embroidery hoops. 2) Separate embroidery hoops. 3) Clip clothes pins to embroidery hoops. 4) Hang. Booyah.

No waiting for good weather necessary.

It does help, however, to have ribbon and hooks on hand to hang them though…I’m working on that.

Bedroom Wall Art
Clearly I have a thing for text on my walls and, you know, spray paint…

These were super inexpensive wood frames ($5.00 a pop) from Wal-Mart. Of course, I already had primer and white paint in my spray paint stash.

I printed out this pdf and used brown craft paper from another project for the background.

A $10 project. Word.

But see, wallplacementcommitmentphobia…these totally sat on my dresser for a few of days. Then, I had my dad hold them here and there and over there and on that wall and then stacked instead of next to each other…Blah! This went on for a while before I decided on hanging them in my desk nook in my bedroom.

Let Go…And Let God. I’m working on this too. Clearly, I need to work on organizing my desk space as well. Just sayin’…

Pajama Wall Knobs
HA! I totally stole this idea from my friend Trista!

She came over and made hers at my house for hanging necklaces in her bedroom – hers is white with clear pink antique-ish knobs and very cute. After I unsuccessfully tried to steal it from her while she was in the bathroom during a crafty night at my place, Charlotte and I looked at each other and said, “I’m totally going to make one of those!”

Charlotte went home and made two of them in gray with pewter/bronzeish colored knobs (see them here). I went the way of shiny shiny shiny knobs because, you know, shiny!

My set of knobby cuteness has one job and one job only – to hold my super sexy pjs when I’m not in them!

Love it. I put this up where you can’t really see it when you walk into the room. This is all done to create the illusion of neatness and organization in my room/house/life. Cuz let’s be real, I’m not going to fold my pjs up and put them where ever you’re suppose to put pjs for the next night. This is a good solution for me and my organization needs and limitations. Just keepin’ it real, yo.

Week 4 of March crafty madness…late but in the “books”!!!

On the Corner of Spray Paint and Boozing

I love Pinterest.

I love spray paint.

I love wine.

I love that I was able to work all three of these things into one project!

I was inspired by a number of Pinterest projects to combine my love for wine and spray paint, but this is the one that started it all:


I later I came across a number of pins that showed wine bottles being spray painted – so I got to boozing!

After some serious wine drinking (and wine sharing), I managed to get a nice little collection of wine bottles. I’m not going to lie…I used this project as an excuse to try wines that I usually don’t drink…namely white wines and Malbecs (I still don’t particularly like either). But, in trying new wines, I managed to collect a variety of different shapes of bottles. Big and small, fat and skinny, and broad and tapered shouldered. I think I got a nice collection together!

(Thanks Charlotte for helping with getting all of those pesky labels off!)

Before I officially got started with this project, I did a test run with a bottle that just wouldn’t part completely with its label glue (don’t worry, I later discovered the brilliance of GooGone).

I absolutely and instantly feel in love with this look and charged forward with my new favorite spray primer and spray paint:

You know the drill! Prime, paint and leave the hell alone to dry!

Since I did this project fairly early in the morning, I was able to let these babies dry outside in the shade for a while. I’m completely and utterly paranoid that if left in the sun to dry, the glass will heat up, expand and the paint will crack or creep, so I only let them dry outside for about an hour or so.

I eventually brought them into dry in my “drying room” (aka second bathroom) and put them on my “drying rack” (aka a dog crate divider) so that the bottoms got a chance to dry (not that I painted the bottoms, they just pick up wet paint here and there during the course of the spray painting process).

But once dry, I moved them all (test run bottle included) to their place in the dining room.

Cool looking right!!! I can put flowers in them, candles, twigs with autumn foliage! Oh! And eventually I’ll buy/make some fancy place settings and layout all of my fancy dinnerware – AWESOMESAUCE! Bring on the dinner parties!

Sigh…I love you spray paint…

National Craft Month Challenge – Week 2

National Craft Month Challenge Week 2 Some sort of sticky goo must be used in some aspect of this week’s project. Mod Podge, a hot glue gun, Elmer’s craft glue, Scotch Glue Stic…whatev…glue something to something else.

Well…I had two ideas that I was fairly married to for this week’s challenge: 1) change out the insides of a wall clock that had stopped working and then decoupage it with some cool scrapbooking paper; and 2) make new coasters out of this super cool orange and gray paper that I luuuuuuuv.

Good plan, right?

Well, clearly some plans are just doooooomed from the start.

Seriously, I didn’t even get to break out the mod podge for the clock.

Can we say EPIC FAIL?

Something told me to check and make sure I could actually replace the clock insides myself first (with no directions supplied by the clock gut manufacturer – thanks guys!). Well, apparently not. This project literally went to shit in under 5 minutes.

Is this going to fit through that hole?

Oh. How is this going to hang on the wall with that going on?

Is this piece from the broken insides or the new insides? Crap.

This piece is square? I wonder if I can force this round thing on it…that should make it fit better, right? It will help it with the tick-tocking and stuff.

What? What is this for? Where did this piece even come from?

It was sad really. So sad.

Well, in your face stupid clock! I’m going to stash everything into a Ziploc bag and put it somewhere out of site to be worked on at a later date. No need to be constantly reminded of my fail!


The coasters came out nice though!

Simple, sweet and awesome.

There’s a billlllion tutorials on how to make these online – especially on Pinterest. I did a couple of extra steps to help lessen the “brush strokes” from using a foam brush, but I still follow the basic/universal directions (like the ones found here and here). If anyone wants to know about my super secret polishing steps, let me know and I will do a tutorial. (It’s really not super secret – I got the idea from some of the directions on the side of the Mod Podge bottle.)

Stupid clock…

National Craft Month Challenge

March is National Craft Month! Hells yeah!

Because I’m a sucker for self imposed challenges (and because I don’t have enough on my plate – HA!), how about a little March Madness Crafty Challenge? Yes? Yes. Good, let’s do this!

Since I’ve roped some of my friends into this little challenge too, let me set forth some of the rules/guidelines/parameters that this little challenge will work within…

  1. Ideas for the projects can come from anywhere. I still highly recommend making Pinterest your bff – if you haven’t already – and using that lovely site as a place to be inspired! Ravelry will help too – especially for the 17th and 31st projects!
  2. A finished project is due on each of the five Saturdays in March (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st)
  3. Each due date has a theme.  The themes and their due date are as follows:
  • March 3rd – House and/or body: This can mean making some laundry detergent, spot remover, body lotion, glass cleaner, etc…as long as it’s used to make the body and/or the house clean and awesome, in this category it goes;
  • March 10th – Glue: Some sort of sticky goo must be used in some aspect of this week’s project. Mod Podge, a hot glue gun, Elmer’s craft glue, Scotch Glue Stic…whatever…glue something to something else;
  • March 17th – Yarn and/or fabric: Know how to knit/crochet/sew, go nuts this week. Not feelin’ the skills that week? No biggie. Covering something with yarn and glue, making a no sew t-shirt pillowcase, how about a front door doorknob sign with cardboard, glue and felt?;
  • March 24th – On the wall: Make something that goes on the wall. Spray paint a bunch of frames for a gallery wall, make a “The Cook is In/Out” sign for your kitchen, frame embroidery hoops with colorful material and hang a bunch together. As long as it ends up on the wall – word to big bird; and
  • March 31st – Recycle/Upcycle: This should be the most cost-effective week of all! Take something you already have at home (or from someone else’s home) and turn it into something different. Have a candle stick you never use…hot glue a plate to it, spray paint the whole thing one color – BAM! Cake/Cupcake stand. A pair of jeans that don’t fit…cut the inner seams and sew them together, add some cute material to the funky little openings you’ll have in the front and the back – BAM! Cute summer jean skirt. Drawer full of jeans that don’t fit…cut them up into squares, sew the squares together, cut down a sheet for the back – BAM! Blanket. As long as you don’t pay for the majority (like 70%) of your materials and it goes from being one thing to another…winner, winner, chicken dinner!

This should be challenging but fun and totally doable. Should be totally inexpensive too.

Basically, a little G-rated crafty fun.

Ready…Set…Go! *grabs craft store coupons and runs out of the door*

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