Year of Projects

I like to knit.

I like to crochet.

I like to blog.

I like a challenge.

(I like to make list too but that’s a post for another day…)

I came across the Come Blog-a-Long Group on Ravelry that presented the challenge of picking a year’s worth of yarnie projects to work thru (either a whole book of patterns, your WIPs, the top 10 patterns on Ravelry, etc…) and blog about it regularly.  It’s a very public goal setting challenge and me likes.  THUS – Come Blog-A-Long’s Year of Projects!  Goals, knitting, crochet and blogging!  Woohoo!

Although I like the idea of working thru a book, I have a number of crochet/knitting books that I really love.  But despite my overall love for my crafty/yarnie books, I don’t love any one book enough to want to make every pattern in it.  I also have three or four 3-ring binders FULL of patterns of things that I want to make at some point.  And being the list making type of girl that I am, I’ve made my own list!

2012 to 2013 List

2011 to 2012 List – I didn’t get a lot done on this list because I had some major life changes that took up a good amount of my free time.  My intentions were good though!


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